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2012 Fall Hot Hue Crimson
As published in Wearables Magazine October 2012 issue

2012 Color of the Year Tangerine Tango

Bold and earthy, crimson is one of fall 2012’s most fashion-forward apparel hues. Falling in line with complex
autumn colors while maintaining the vivid brightness of summer shades, crimson creates a perfect blend of both, lending itself equally to workwear and casual ensembles. Also known as oxblood red on the runway, crimson is presently showcased in designs by Steven Alan, Richard Chai and Helmut Lang.


Mary Ellen Nichols, director of marketing communications for Bodek and Rhodes(asi/40788), lauds crimson for its dynamic visual properties and points out its association with power, confidence and determination.
“Crimson can’t be ignored, whether it’s in the trade show booth or on a restaurant server or service professional,” she says. “Those who want to mark their territory, gain market share and capture attention are wise to incorporate it.” She recommends the color as a standout choice for conveying “passion about one’s work or cause.” In addition, she brings up the fact that red is particularly ideal for the food industry. “Restaurants that want to up their total bills should have waitstaff in red, as the color encourages one’s appetite,” she notes.


The proliferation of crimson in current autumn fashions reflects the fashion industry’s recent investment in color renovation, particularly when it comes to new looks launched at the beginning of each season. Instead of dismissing bright colors once fall hits, current fashions invite them to linger, transforming them by bringing their saturation down a touch. Hues such as turquoise and emerald green also fall into this category. They’re easily matched with the neutrals and muted colors most commonly worn during the colder seasons, plus they’re gorgeous when paired with neutrals because the brightness pops out against blacks, whites and grays.


Although Nichols spotlights the food industry as a perfect candidate for crimson, she encourages any industry to incorporate it, listing insurance, banking and health-care industries in particular. They would do well, she says, to “outfit their employees in the color that’s most associated with ‘people who make it happen.’”

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